Fairest Flowers Farm

Bouquets and arrangements may be special ordered

Wide assortment of cultivated and foraged blooms

All blooms are grown here and varieties change with the season.

Cultivars are chosen with care and growing process monitored closely to assure your flowers are the fairest.

Grab a handful at the cart

The cart is loaded most of the time (not hot days) with the beauties of the day. Prices are marked, and you can choose your favorite blooms at your leisure. Best time to come is first thing in the morning before the sun gets too warm. Bring a bucket or jar containing some water to insure your selections stay fresh for their journey. If it’s hot, text me ahead, and I’ll invite you to choose flowers from the cooler. Hope you have a lovely visit!

Roses by the bunch in June
The roadside flower cart is filled with seasonal blooms sold by the stem, bunch, and bouquet.

Fairest Flowers Farm sells cut flowers to both individuals and to floral designers. Customers can place orders for custom work and weddings.

I do not deliver or set up events at this time, but floral work is carefully packaged so customers can easily transport buckets, arrangements, and bouquets.

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