Photo credit with thanks: Christine Chitnis

Hi! My name is Beth Harris, and I have had the pleasure of having started this venture of growing cut flowers in 2009, and have been growing it, bit by bit, from a few beds in the garden and a little shortened up twin size bed for the roadside stand to what it is now .

Now there’s a beautiful cart by the roadside that we use to sell some of our flowers. It used to be an old farm cart built by Arvo Nieme (b. 1918) from an old broken down delivery truck his dad had on his farm. Arvo used his adaptation for hauling vegetables from his hundred acre field in Foster, RI. Our Ed transformed it into a protective shelter for the flowers of the day using all recycled materials. The windows were purchased from Rudy’s Brooklyn Restoration Supply in Brooklyn, CT.

Please stop by the Fairest Flowers Farm roadside stand in North Scituate, RI, and pick up some flowers, or call in your single or multiple special orders. You can call or text me at 717-507-4944 for questions or to make an appointment.

To see what’s blooming at any time, please click on the Instagram link below. I post a photo almost daily to keep you in the loop.

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150 Trimtown Road, North Scituate, RI 02857


The best way to contact me is by email. While we work on fixing an issue with our email form, please send any inquiries to: